Inversing Human Interaction

About Us


Who we are

A technology startup focused on originating innovative versions of human interaction, aspiring to make a global impact.


What we do

Pioneering platforms that empower people to establish connections, socialize and exchange information like never before.


Why we are here

Our mission is to make a positive long-lasting impact on global society by bringing inventive ideas to life with technology and data.


What we love

Experimenting with cutting edge technologies and resolving technical challenges in our pursuit of excellence.

We empower people with our platforms

We build software that enables people to make connections.

We empower people with our platforms

We build software that enables people to make connections. We bridge the digital with the physical world.


A platform that redefines the going-out experience. It empowers the hospitality industry, a $4 trillion market annually, to provide better service, attract more customers and boost spending.

With technology, machine learning and transformation of existing manual operations to digital, our platform serves functional, promotional and social purposes

We assist venues to reduce their costs and increase their revenue while enhancing what customers expect the most: receive seamless service, meet people and have fun.

Our Values


People First

Our core mission is to bring people together and this purpose shapes our approach. We love finding solutions for real life problems.


Go Beyond

We help to accelerate the future by pushing the envelope on product and technology. We believe excellence is earned everyday and together we can overcome most challenges. 


Always Learning

We question our assumptions, acknowledge our blindspots and seek answers. We embrace failure as an important part of innovation and we learn from it.


Win Together

We believe that the best teams are inclusive and diverse. We always treat each other with empathy and respect. We share success and failure as one team.


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